def. a mixture of several elements mixing together


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We are skateboarders
We are skate coaches
We are event managers
We are music producers
We are visual technicians
We are service deliverers
We are movement artists
We are researchers
We are community
We are symbolic producers
We are the dreamers of dreams


Although our humble beginnings as a small skate shop will forever remain in the hearts of the skaters of Far Northern Queensland, our vision has now expanded to help develop a skateboarding cultural hub that can empower communities around the globe!

Building a sustainable community

Hopefully you have heard that there is work being done toward bringing a new hub together for our community. It will be a space indoors to skate. A music hub, an artist space, a creators haven! Qualified contractors from the community will deliver dynamic programs to teach skills and inspire connection for families, ie. young kids can come in and skate…while their mums and dads can learn how to use a 3D printer. Patrons join as members and can access the facility…which is managed by an organised board of directors…and a paid administrative team. The rent is paid by the income that can be produced by the delivery of quality programs, and the subsequent funding that comes. This type of space has been set up all over the world…and has typically been run under the “Maker Space” model. It can be used by clubs, non-profits, for-profits, schools…and be governed by mutual integrity and a constitutional bond.

I don’t think that the model is perfect, but i do believe there comes a time when a group needs to converge in an organisational way…especially if it wants to interact with the economy, ie. lease property, earn income, obtain event permits. So, i feel that a good way forward is to start something…beginning with people coming together. Talk about ideas. Plan the future as a community. All the specifics will have to get worked out along the way…but we have to start somewhere.

So to come together, and make a space, where creativity can connect, empower, educate, and facilitate social change within our community…in what ever way we can…is the first step. We need to come together to develop the ways in which we want things to be. To promote health, and connection to the Earth, and the stars.

We are currently developing our team of directors at theSpace, located at the TAFE campus in Cairns. The following link is for a cool article about Maker Spaces.



So, i have been talking for a while about opening an indoor skatepark and music hub. The reality of doing such a project involves many elements that i cannot do alone. It will take a community to run it successfully. The very concept of Compound is to bring things together.

The first web search definition is :

compound (noun)
1. a thing that is composed of two or more separate elements; a mixture.

Right from it’s very beginning, the original owners Mikey & Dillon thought about Compound as a culture hub. Skating, records, graf, art…culture. They called it Compound because they wanted to create something that mixed these cultures together. So i came on board with the same vision…and have never wanted to change that core value. So, while i have been managing Compound over the past 7 years or so…i only feel like a steward; someone that is meant to look after something. It really belongs to culture.

Like a skatepark belongs to it’s community, not the council. They might own the concrete, but they do little to even acknowledge the culture, let alone be part of it. At least in my town anyway. Or like the way a dance floor is part of the people dancing on it. Or the way rivers and mountains are part of the indigenous peoples that reside in them.

So it has always felt to me like Compound…is part of the community of rollersports in FNQ first…and it’s my business last. This is fundamental to losing lots of money while hosting the retail store! But my passion to keep this community and culture of Compound alive is thriving…and i believe in the concept more than ever.

We need spaces and places in our society where all beings can feel safe and grow. Without having a deep trust that your community will catch you when you fall…it’s difficult to be truly expressive. It’s hard to find places and spaces to be fully yourself, unencumbered, without fear of prejudice and ridicule.

So, in order to develop the Compound Evolution indoor action sports and cultural hub further…we needed to bring people on board with the project. We needed to get people involved. And over the past few weeks…it has developed new momentum. I am humbly grateful to all the amazing visionaries that understand my plan. And i welcome help and support from anyone that feels they can contribute.

In order to move forward, we are teaming up with social development organisation Woodburn Services Pty Ltd, to handle all the “back end” stuff behind managing a business. When you have an indoor skate park, there are a lot of costs involved. And we need a good management strategy behind it…especially when anyone can skate for free at their local public park or shopping centre car park…or pick up an instrument and learn to play. We need to create ways to meet the financial requirements of running such a space. Woodburn Services will handle all of that stuff.

Then, the space will develop projects with external contractors. People that can teach workshops, or provide a specific service, as their own business, have their own insurance, and will take responsibility for the outcomes of their agreements. These people will form a Compound Evolution executive board and manage the space as a group of people, all of which have equal opportunity to influence the outcomes of an organisational process – the board meeting!

So…kind of like how Headspace or PCYC or YMCA or a Mens Shed might work…but with rollersports, music, art, film, and events…instead of gym, basketball, squash, or AA meetings. However, we will do team building, parental support programs, meditation, and other community bonding activities.

So Woodburn Services is a team of eggheads that can do all the insurance, paperwork, computers, blah, blah, blah (sorry Adam!!). And then another team of skaters, musicians, artists, and other rad people will manage the actual space…as a group.

2016 is the year!!!

If you are interested in this type of community enterprising, we thoroughly encourage you to support the non-profit FNQ Freestyle Rollersports Association Inc. Understand the process of working with the custom of law and the economy in a neutral, transparent, and collective way. If you genuinely have something to offer the execution of Compound Evolution in it’s early phases…we would love to hear from you.

We hope everyones transition into the new year felt positive and peaceful.


Call to community!

So…i am stoked to announce that I have found new inspiration to continue with my skate development work. After nearly 2 years working in residential youth work, i have begun to plant seeds again.

I believe that it is very important for Far Northern Queensland to have an indoor action sports space in Cairns. I’ve been talking about it for years…and anyone that has known me, been part of my research, been a student in my class, or ever come into the shop has generally been subject to me rambling on and on about my philosophies. Well…it’s time to bring some things into alignment.

First, when i was a kid…i skated because it felt like the right thing for my body to do. I also played Aussie Rules footy for years and was seriously into basketball…but there was always something different about skating. It had something to do with the freedom.

Considering that identity forms in the influential adolescent years, i developed a sense of freedom as part of my character. After a while i noticed that other people had also experienced this sense of freedom…and we started coming together and skating, creating, filming, and just generally lording together.

Then we “grew up”. And the weight of the world came down upon us with great vengeance and furious anger. No longer did skateboarding seem to be as serving as a mode of transport…cars were expensive…and the bodies muscles start reconfiguring to support new postures (ie. driving cars, video games.

Fast forward a few years, I was living in Airlie Beach, skating and working in a local surf/skate store…when a member of council asked if i wanted to fly down to Brisbane and attend Skate Australia’s first ever skateboarding coaching accreditation course. I said…(a free trip to Brisbane to go skate with Mick Mulhall and a bunch of other rad dudes)…”rad!”. So i did…and became one of the first accredited coaches for skateboarding with Skate Australia.

I went back to Airlie and i ran free skate workshops from the PCYC skate park…and met some rad young local rippers. As their mentor, i realised how important it was to support them on a cultural level that was different to how a footy club supports it’s players. I have come to learn that the outside social environment, and how supportive it is to the subculture, will moderate the group in various ways.   A few years later, i was in Cairns starting a psychology degree. Once i became a father of 2, i supplemented my measly Austudy payment by developing a skateboarding academy called Skate Method. I created it by developing a relationship with the nearby school, building a quarter pipe, and having little sessions on the schools basketball court.

Skate Method was literally an amped up version of the programs i ran in Airlie Beach. The major difference was, for Skate Method, i integrated what i had learned about creating successful groups…from eastern martial arts. I had been training Kung Fu for many years previously, and also trained karate and ninjutsu as a kid. So i built a grading system, and started hosting little events that got the families involved, and the kids got t-shirts and certificates when they went up a level…and we all had a rad time. A majority of those kids (90%), kept coming back to my regular sessions every week for nearly 2 years. A community was formed. Most of the kids went to school together…so they were part of a community by proxy…but the sessions i put together helped them connect with each other in a way they wouldn’t have otherwise. I repeated the process in another location…one that required greater financial expenses to me and the participants…and it worked equally well…but attracted a different kind of crew, with a different set of dynamics. The vision was pretty clear that i was building something pretty special…and i knew that if i could create a solid business model…that this could be something i could do with my life.

I knew that i needed to get products for my students… so i went to local skate shop…which was called Compound…and asked if they would be keen to set up a relationship with me to provide skate gear to my students at discounted prices. It became a good collaborative synergy.  Eventually, the owner of the shop asked me to become a financial partner in Compound…and some time afterward, they pulled out. That’s how i became the Captain of Compound. It was always extremely important to me that those who create the culture of skateboarding in any location, are honoured for the energetic imprint they leave on the scene, and in the hearts and minds of the people they affect along the way. It’s the same with musicians, or artists, or anyone that creates cultural products. And so i tried to build a plan around supporting the locals to help build the scene….so that everyone that drives the culture…can benefit together as a community.

At the same time, i was finishing my psychology and social sciences degrees…and i was asked to do am honours research project for the School of Psychology at JCU. So i wrote my thesis on Using Skateboarding as an Intervention For ADHD…in hopes for building a scientific argument for the advent of specialised youth spaces that engage young people through the provision of resources through which they can create cultural capital. If young people can create cultural capital (i.e. pro skater, filmer, graphic designer, music producer)…they have the capacity to sustain their own environmental requirements…because art can be sold, good skate films can attract sponsorship…and there will be no need to sponge off the government, council, or their parents.  The potential  benefits for perma-cultural based social design is not really being explored enough by everyday thought…and these kinds of environments are the perfect place to plant and nourish seeds.

Eventually, i got a tutoring position at uni and attempted to continue my research through a PhD…while entrusting the retail store to some local skaters…and trying to be a dad and a husband at the same time . In the background i worked with keen skateboarders to become accredited coaches…and ran school holiday clinics all around FNQ for Skateboarding Australia…and held competitions…and did school programs with the Australian Sports Commission. Before too long, it all became way too much…and i begun feeling the pressure.  Soon, the team of people i had assembled showed difficulty in being able to maintain their inputs. The shop was not managed well, money went missing, events got rained out, and I got so tired from coaching in the hot sun…one day i just had to stop.

My marriage fell apart and my world changed in a big way. I moved the shop to Kuranda to have a rest and wind things down.  I needed some time to heal. So i closed the shop and started the emotional experience of processing my last 10 years. I was lucky because i had non-stop flowing love from other amazing people all around me…and i soon began feeling better. I started doing work as a residential youth carer…and gained some insight into the child safety system…while paying off the huge debt i was left with from the shop. Just this past October…i finished paying off the debt…and this coming christmas is the first year that i’ve felt like i have actually been able to pre-save a bit of fundage…so i don’t end up completely poor in January. I have also helped develop the Far Northern Queensland Freestyle Rollersports Association Inc…and now have a non-profit vehicle through which we can apply for grants.

The point of this long, rambling tale…is that i feel better. I feel like i can continue my divine work. During the past 2 years…i tried to put it down…but the great spirit has a way of being able to put people exactly where they need to be. And i needed a rest. So i can be ready for what is coming.

In 2016…i want to build an indoor skate park. It will be called Compound Evolution. In the beginning, it will be small…or as big as can be afforded. During the day and just after school…we will run structured programs. In these programs, we will invite pre-paid members to attend a session with a regular group. This group will skate together, learn together, and work together. During some sessions…we will skate and build obstacles together. In other sessions, we will host workshops on filming and practice while skating. Each session will aspire to develop new skills for the participant. At the end of term all the students will come together and showcase all their skills at an event. This will allow cultural capital to be created. We will have more obstacles. We will have more filmers. We will have more artists.

During the evening…it can be a private skate space for local members to hang out, skate, film, play music, and develop their own cultural products.

This space will also serve as a vehicle for the FNQFRSA to develop better ways of helping the rollersports community. Other incorporated associations could also be formed from within the space.

So, there’s a few things that i am hoping that everyone can help me with.

First – i am currently developing proposals to get this kickstarted. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any photos of any of the events or video premieres or anything i have done. Particularly photos from Skate Method days or coaching clinics.  If you know someone that might…because you know i have coached their kid or something…please ask them for me.

Secondly – please let me know if you are aware of an affordable shed or warehouse with concrete floors…preferably in Cairns industrial area. If you know someone that might be able to help me…please hook me up.

This is going to be a massive undertaking. I’m prepared to answer my own personal call to help make this happen. But i need all the help i can get.




Back From The Dead

I’ve been dead for a bit. In the sense that it’s certainly been a long time since I have written anything on here. For anyone that ever reads my blog and likes it, I’m truly sorry for my hiatus. However, it has been a necessary break. Sometimes there is a need to see life from a different perspective.

My long term goals and dreams have never wavered much…but the elements of random nature that I constantly interact with change all the time. THE CONDITIONS THAT AFFECT ME ALWAYS VARY. And so in recent years life has become more about being balanced within myself, rather than being about an idea that will change.

So – I’ve been doing things that make me happy, rather than things that I thought were part of my plan. Like building this web site.

Over the past year I’ve been more intent on singing with my rock band. I’ve been exercising more regularly by skating and riding bikes again. I’ve been feeling more connected with my kids. I’ve been meditating more. I’ve been keeping my house more clean and getting more sleep.

Recently…I have felt a stirring. A new sense of inspiration and commitment has ignited within me that is activating some epic potentials. It’s time to wake up…and get back on my path. As a creator. As a 37 year old visionary social entrepreneur. I am alive!

I trust that everyone who understands my vision will support me by virtue of their own integrity.

Next year, we will build something great.


Trinity Beach Skatepark

Whoa! It has been such a long time since i have made a blog…sorry about that. I have been super busy with my new job…and building up existing creations. It has been a seriously productive time.

One of the most major things that has come up has been the newspaper article about the intention by council to demolish Trinity Beach skatepark. It was presented in a really biased and misguiding way…focusing on the graffiti that has been occurring on buildings surrounding the skate park. When i spoke with the main councillor involved on the phone, he disclosed that the real issue was that people were selling the drug, Ice, at the park…and that kids were taking Ice and destroying the nearby sporting clubs’ buildings. He added that the sporting clubs have been making formal complaints for years…and that “unless kids can learn to manage the facility”…it will bulldozed into a car park…and a new park will be built in Smithfield.

Now, i for one, am all for growth and change…and a park in Smithfield would be rad…but this should happen anyway. It shouldn’t have to take the loss of Trinity. I lived in Trinity for around 9 years…and love to skate that park. I have landed some sick tricks, had some mad slams, and facilitated some cool art at that park. Now i have never had anyone try to sell me Ice at the park…nor have i ever seen it. When i’m there, i usually skate…but i know the culture that develops around crew that hang at the park all day. I know some of the ratbags that get around…and i know sometimes, sh*#t goes down. But what the F%#K is going on…seriously? Where is our community?

Tearing down a historical landmark – like our beloved Trinity Beach skate park – is not only a typical political reaction to someone losing money somewhere…not only is it an insult to our roller sport culture as a whole…it is fundamentally wasting current resources that have literal cultural value to our community.

It seems like this kind of thing will forever be happening…unless we take over the management of our own culture.

I mean…for example…what if we had a club house at Trinity Beach like the footy club? We could do everything that we wanted…behind closed doors. We could manage our behaviour inside and not effect the other surrounding organisations. Would that even work? How could we make it work?

This is why it is important for us to have a Roller Sports Association. A group of people who will be responsible to speak on behalf of the roller sports community. An organised committee who can formalise the group decision making process…and be able to represent our culture in government and law.

So, i ask you to help. We have developed the concept of the Far Northern Queensland Roller Sports Association…now we need to build members. We have developed a Facebook page…please share it!

Until then…i am trying to find out as much as i can about the demolishing of Trinity, the new park at Smithfield (of which i have been promised the plans over a week ago), and getting on with events!! Fluent coming up this weekend!!


Be in your truth…for it will set you free!

I want to share something…that i feel is important to share with as many people as possible. So important that i am writing a blog about it here.

I have been going through a lot of stuff over the last 18 months…from getting divorced…to losing my shop…to having to sell my house…to leaving my academic work…it’s been intense. And admittedly…it has been probably the “lowest” point in my life…so far. Low in terms of not feeling optimistic…not caring about aspects of myself and my life that were previously important – like socialising with people or being a “lawful” citizen. Amongst it all was a situation where my ex-wife had received a speeding fine for my car because at that time it was still registered under both our names and the mail was going to her. It took her some time to actually forward the paper fine to me…but then it took even longer for her to organise a declaration…which dragged the whole thing out even longer until it eventually got handed on to SPER. As i was dealing with moving house and changing addresses…some time went by…but i begrudgingly made a payment arrangement with SPER to pay the fine.

During that time i was seriously broke. Paying what little money i had to the government for going a few kilometres over the speed limit became the least of my priorities…and i eventually kind of forgot about it.

Then one day, the new property owners of the place where i had lived temporarily forwarded a letter that had gone to my old address. It was a summons to go to court for the speeding fine.

Having had my whole world turned upside down by recent events in my life…and really feeling bitter on the world…i was angry. I reflected a lot about all the things i have learned over the years about common law and sovereignty…and here was a real opportunity to put it into practice. But after a calmed my emotions…i rang up SPER, paid the rest of the fine on the spot (because i had already begun paying off the fine which was already an admission of guilt)…and proceeded to try and find out whether it was necessary to still go to court. I got no straight answers from anyone…and it seemed the best thing to do in my situation was to front up to the court, apologise for the lateness, but tell them it had now been paid.

I had thought long and hard about what i was going to do on the day…but it all just became confusing. I figured that by having paid some of the fine…i had admitted guilt by default anyway…so was really just hoping to have it all wrapped up. So when i went to court…when the judge asked me whether i want to plead guilty or not guilty…i literally answered “well, i have paid the fine”. This response completely threw the judge and the police prosecutor off guard…and the frequency in the room immediately shifted. They had no scripted response to this…and so the judge decided that the payment needed to be verified…and if it checked out…then case dismissed…otherwise i would have to come back to the court.

So i come straight home and get on the phone to SPER and confirm that the fine had been completely paid off and i had absolutely NO outstanding amounts with time at all. So then i get a call from the police prosecutor saying that he checked to see if the fine was paid…and according to his system…it had not. So i proceed to tell him that i have checked with SPER…and i have no outstanding amounts, blah, blah, blah…until we eventually cross check the dates.

It turns out that the fine that i had paid off was from an infringement notice that occurred on a different date than the one that i had received the summons for…and that i would have to come back to court.

So my situation was this. I had a summons to go to court for a speeding fine that i never knew that i had. I had honestly not received any information about it and was completely unaware of the infringement. I still have no idea why it went straight to prosecution anyway….and no one can seem to tell me…but that’s what happened. So now i was pretty pissed off.

So today i went back into court for a fine that i never knew that i had. It was so funny to watch all these poor disempowered people that lined up before me to receive their judgement simply give their power away; “Yes, your honour, that is me, yes your honour, i understand, yes i am guilty”. It was really pathetic. And while i sat there getting even more angry at the scene before me…i continuously went back to focusing on my breath and doing my best to remain super calm.

When i was called, i walked up to my position and looked the judge directly in the soul. He asked: “Is your name Adam James Walker”. To which i immediately and confidently responded a resounding: “No”. My name is Adam James Woodburn Walker. Upon realising this, the judge read out my correct name…to which i affirmed. In that moment, the judge knew that i was honourable and not there to cause trouble…but that my integrity was solid and i was paying careful attention.

When he read out the alleged charge and asked if i pleaded guilty or not guilty…i simply replied: “neither…i have no information about this infringement…it was too long ago to remember the details…so i have no idea if i was driving…so i genuinely cannot state whether i’m guilt or not guilty”. Everyone just froze…and once again…the vibe totally changed.

As the judge started to lean toward pressuring me to “take responsibility” and either plead guilty, or let it go to a hearing…the police prosecutor stood up and announced that the date of the infringement notice…and the date of the summons…was over 12 months. He then said to judge “if you know what i mean your honour”…as if bringing to light to fact that the case will not hold up because the time between the infringement and summons was more than 12 months.

The case was immediately dismissed. And quickly too. No fine, no court fees.

The feeling that came over me was immense. It was a literal spiritual pulse of power and freedom.

Yes, i am entirely grateful for the police prosecutor for highlighting the legislative dissolution…but at the end of the day…he was really just doing a good job by not letting something so petty, waste so many people’s time and money. So well done Sean O’Shea of Cairns police…you are an honourable man and i am deeply grateful for your integrity.

For everyone else…now you know…we know…as a community…that if you receive a summons, and it is dated more than 12 months from the date of the infringement…it is invalid. If you have an experience like this…i encourage you to at once write a letter to the court explaining this fact…and hopefully you may never have to go to court at all…and spare valuable time, money and resources…for something so petty.

Overall, even though the case was dismissed due to legislative formalities…i want to be very clear how important it was that i remained calm and in my truth. In one instance…had i have said “guilty”…i would have been fined immediately…and the police prosecutor would have said nothing. Revenue in the bag. But the real essence of what i want to share with people is that i maintained my integrity and i did not accept their inhumane system. This is what i really believe was the truth that set me free.

Never forget who you are…and what you are not. And YOU ARE NOT A CORPORATE ENTITY…YOU ARE A SOVEREIGN BEING. Speaking that truth will not get you out of paying fines…but applying it literally will free your mind from slavery…and change your world.

May you all be truly happy…and experience true peace! May you all be liberated from all your bondages!!


Kuranda store shut down

Yes…the Kuranda store will be shutting it’s doors as of this coming Saturday! It’s time to refocus and get on with some more resonant activities. So we will be placing our attention toward developing professional structures that can lock in with funded community projects…art house developments…social work agencies…schools…connecting youth people with each other and industry…and cross-skilling with other subcultures (ie. photography, construction, event management, business management, graphic design).

So…thank you so much Kuranda Original Markets…it’s been an amazingly incredible adventure…so full of healing and insights. I cherish the friends i have made…and the soul family i have connected to. Forever gratitude!

The plan from here is have a bit of rest. Enjoy the sun. Skate, focus, be merry.

We will need our rest…for there is much to do in the world of skateboarding development. Many kids to skate with all across the region…many parks to be skated. Our focus will be on developing a small pilot program to test the efficacy of building crews from within communities…and connect with people that have a talent and motivation…to build resources through training opportunities. We reach young people and their families through our current community based events sponsored entirely by Skateboarding Australia (SbA). We hope to develop a hub in Cairns where we can launch Compound Evolution.

More on that to come…


Bunnings DIY Skate Ramp Workshop

Yesss!!! You read that correctly. I did a Bunnings DIY skate ramp workshop in Atherton. It was really amazing! Thank you so much to Andrea who organised all of the materials, supplied the space, and brought the people.

This was the first time i had done anything like this…so i kind of had to improvise along the way! I had made many quarter pipes before…but have never played the role of foreman in a team of people. It was so rad to integrate my skateboarding skills into a project that had more to do with working as a team and building than it did with skateboarding.

It was also amazing to have a few Dads come out and get involved. They really helped add to the solidarity of the day, while also making some awesome problem solving suggestions that got the job done!

I would really love to do more of this kind of thing…and i envision a project where the obstacles that could be made at Bunnings stores around the region could be brought together…and a “pop up” skate park could be created in one of the Bunnings car parks. This has the potential to really put the power of creating skate spaces back into the hands of the community…while at the same time allow big business to be involved with something locally.

Thanks to everyone that was involved in this great project in Atherton!! This ramp was won by Mitchell…whose winning name was drawn out of a hat (actually i think it was an easter basket!). Enjoy Mitchell!



New Satori video!

Available to see online completely free!

Click the link below:

Kenshō from Satori Movement on Vimeo.


SbA FNQ April Tour

So we have just been out on the road for the past week, visiting towns around Far Northern Queensland, bringing skateboarding joy to those in need. These tours are fully supported, organised, and sponsored by Skateboarding Australia…and a huge thank you goes out to Jim for all of his hard work! I am in the process of putting together a little video…but thought i would write a quick blog post before too much time goes by.

Being a skateboarding coach is by far one of the most challenging “jobs” i have ever had…and i guess that’s why i continue to do it. I expect that most people, when hearing that there is such a gig, probably think “wow, how awesome! Getting paid to skate”…and the getting paid part is a privilege and an honour. However, i certainly don’t get to skate like i would if i was simply having my own session, pushing myself in my own personal ways, how and when i want. Most of coaching is stepping aside and letting kids do the skating. I spend most of my time managing the vibe, looking after equipment, and liaising with parents. However, sometimes that is super tricky. Add to that, having to deal with rain, mega humid temperatures, super sun, body not working like it used to, a huge mix of behavioural disorders to deal with, and dilapidated old skateparks…and you got yourself one heck of a challenge.

However, i would like to share the biggest challenge of it all: lack of wider community support. Think of sports like football, cricket, or netball, etc. There are usually clubs and club houses, and funding, and uniforms…and all that stuff takes people power. With that people power comes wider community support. During some of our tours, we have had days where not a single other adult is present at the skatepark with us. Occasionally, if council become involved, they might send someone down just to have a brief look at what we are doing…but they wont stay for long. And this can make a huge difference to what happens on the day…but most of all, it displays the reality of how skate culture is still segmented within society. There is a noticeable difference between city and small town skateparks however.

For those in small towns that do come out and have a rad day with us…you guys are amazing!!! The smiles that we get to see truly make it all worthwhile. It’s pretty obvious how cliquey most groups of teenage kids are in small towns…and we often get to work with the younger kids that are usually too intimidated to spend time at the park. I know that this experience helps them feel more accepted as they get older…as i have been doing this long enough now to see the flow on effects.

So to all the parents that let their children come to our events over the April school holidays – thank you! And to all the kids that came along and participated in our workshops – thank you! I trust that we brought something a little different to your school holidays!

Here is a few photos…but watch out for the video soon!













Mission Beach

Mission Beach

Mission Beach