def. a mixture of several elements mixing together


Phone: 0422 218 029

Sorry - we do not have a retail outlet at the moment! Go and see Snow @ Fetish 4 Life for affordable skate gear in Cairns

We are skateboarders
We are skate coaches
We are event managers
We are music producers
We are visual technicians
We are service deliverers
We are movement artists
We are researchers
We are community
We are symbolic producers
We are the dreamers of dreams


Although our humble beginnings as a small skate shop will forever remain in the hearts of the skaters of Far Northern Queensland, our vision has now expanded to help develop a skateboarding cultural hub that can empower communities around the globe!

Family Profiles

We are always looking to grow our Compound family!! Let us know if YOU want to be a member!
Adam Walker
Association: Owner/Operator/Guide/Researcher/Coach
Years skating: 26
Home town: Adelaide
Passions: Skating (particularly countryside longboarding), music, martial arts, being a dad, helping others

Tim-Dog Zebuddha Burdett
Association: Team Manager, Shop Helper, Head Coach
Years Skating: 20
Home town: Gold Coast
Passions: Skateboarding, graf art, rastashananigans, being a dad, coaching

Steve “Suma” Nielsen
Association: BMX rider, Graf artist, coach
Home town: Cairns
Passions: Family, BMX, Graf art, meta-consciousness

Craig Mathews
Association: Collaborative promoter, visual artist

Ryan Janda
Association: Coach, Chef

Yvonne Walker
Association: Logistics attendant

Peter Walker
Association: Logistics associate


These people will always be appreciated for their contributions:

Paul “Kiwi” Walker
Association: BMX rider/Elder
Rohan Hawes
Association: Shop helper/coach
Bridey Zell
Association: Co-owner/Operator/Admin
Jack Lydon
Association: Skater, Retail Associate

Bianca Jade Vis
Association: Photographer, PA

Matt “Turtle” McManus
Association: Skater, Retail Associate

Jason Capponi
Association: Photographer

Matty Rankin
Association: Retail Associate

Miranda Lydon
Association: Shop helper

Chay Westcott
Association: Shop helper

Jack Robinson
Association: Shop helper, supporter in tough times!

Michael Dekkers
Association: Original owner

Dylan Jefferies
Association: Original owner