def. a mixture of several elements mixing together


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Sorry - we do not have a retail outlet at the moment! Go and see Snow @ Fetish 4 Life for affordable skate gear in Cairns

We are skateboarders
We are skate coaches
We are event managers
We are music producers
We are visual technicians
We are service deliverers
We are movement artists
We are researchers
We are community
We are symbolic producers
We are the dreamers of dreams


Although our humble beginnings as a small skate shop will forever remain in the hearts of the skaters of Far Northern Queensland, our vision has now expanded to help develop a skateboarding cultural hub that can empower communities around the globe!

Compound Cultures Program

The Compound Cultures Program offers the opportunity to be formally recognised within the creative collective that makes up the Compound network. This is open to local community members or contributors from interstate or around the world that want to partner with Compound in unique and mutually beneficial ways.

There are many important roles that make up an effective skate culture collective: skateboarders, filmers, musicians, promoters, event facilitators, etc, etc. We are always LOOKING FOR WILLING PARTICIPANTS TO FILL THESE ROLES. To be part of the program, you are simply required to contribute your natural crafts and skills in such a way that benefits the evolution of the collective…this will be recognised and a relationship will form. How much you do is up to you…but if you want to do more…you just need to communicate with Adam about how Compound could help you…and how you could help Compound. People that are part of the program can receive benefits such as discount or trade on products in the store, recognised qualifications, assistance with their creative endeavours, and various other opportunities. The aim is to endorse an exchange-based culture…where people’s capabilities can be compounded, to form a productive and balanced stream of cohesiveness…where the common unity is creativity!
Why would we do this? Basically because we are tired of the old ways of capitalist societies dictating how we live and what we do. We want to be the change that we want to wee in this world…and we all know that does not happen by doing the same things over and over again. We want to find like minded people…and develop ways in which we can ALL thrive and be happy.

If you don’t know what any of this means…message, email, phone, or come in and talk to us…we would love to help you understand more!!