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Sorry - we do not have a retail outlet at the moment! Go and see Snow @ Fetish 4 Life for affordable skate gear in Cairns

We are skateboarders
We are skate coaches
We are event managers
We are music producers
We are visual technicians
We are service deliverers
We are movement artists
We are researchers
We are community
We are symbolic producers
We are the dreamers of dreams


Although our humble beginnings as a small skate shop will forever remain in the hearts of the skaters of Far Northern Queensland, our vision has now expanded to help develop a skateboarding cultural hub that can empower communities around the globe!

Compound Evolution


The overall philosophy of the Compound Evolution concept is to provide spaces to nurture our essential culture. This can be achieved through development of the store itself, through skate competitions and events, and through art, film, and music events.

We are always working on projects that aspire to grow our amazing collective, assist the wider community around us, and help contribute to making this world a better place. Currently, we are looking for partners…particularly in the ART fields that have an understanding of how skateboarding can act as an amazing cultural conduit for art in various formats…for some amazing projects that we will be launching over the coming years.

If there is some way, even outside the scope of skateboarding, that you feel you could collaborate with Compound…contact us! Through collaborative creation…we will be evolving Compound!


Events of Evolution

Part & Parcel Video Premiere, August, 2009

Game of Skate Knock-out Tournament, October, 2009

Flip Extremely Sorry Video Premiere, October, 2009
The premiere of the incredible Flip video Extremely Sorry was held on a big projector screen inside City Arcade in Cairns city.
E.C. Prototype, November, 2009
E.C. Prototype was an electronic music gig that we put on at Society night club in Cairns city.


Suncorp North Queensland Games, April, 2010
Decked Out, August, 2010
In collaboration with Cairns Backpacking and Cairns Time Out…but which got totally rained out!
REAL Since Day One Video Premiere, April, 2011
The projector screen came out again for the premiere of Real skateboards video Since Day One inside City Arcade in Cairns city.
Regroup, June 2011
In collaboration with loads of incredible contributors from around Australia and James Cook University, REGROUP was a full day lifestyle festival of music, performance, education, and fun!
With 2 stages of music, a market space, an amazing visionary art gallery, and an incredible kids space, REGROUP was developed primarily as a cyclone Yasi fundraiser. Proceeds went toward helping victims in cyclone effected areas clean up and rebuild after the devastation of the cyclone.
Regroup, July 2012
Stomp the Nard, August 2013